Yoga classes which are suitable for those who are seeking a gentle yoga practice or for those with health issues who need to take extra care in their practice.  Beginners and students of all ages and abilities are very welcome!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition which focuses on achieving good health through simple movement, deep breathing and relaxation...............

Benefits of Yoga

The simple fact is that practising yoga makes you feel good!  It's relaxing but energising. It encourages our body to be flexible & strong.  We practice very simple flowing movements that aim to keep each part of the body moving.  Deep breathing accompanies our practice and at the end of our session we spend time relaxing both our mind and body.

Contact me to chat through how yoga could help you.  Whatever your situation a regular yoga practice will help you deal with the ups and downs of life...............


Jane's Classes

*Monday 7.15pm Urchfont Village Hall Urchfont

*Thursday 7.15pm Nursteed Community School Devizes

*Each class last 90 Minutes and costs £8 with evening classes running in courses of 8 (I don't mind if you cannot attend the whole course you are very welcome to pay each week at £10)

One to One Sessions with Jane

Suitable for anyone who cannot attend a class or perhaps would like more individual attention. One to one sessions held either at my home or yours.  This is a good time to really focus on what you need from a yoga practice.  I will put together a plan for you to take away and practice at home.  We can focus on all aspects of yoga or just one for example meditation, stress relief or a particular physical issue like a bad back.  The aim of these sessions is to encourage my students to develop a regular yoga practice at home.

I charge £40 for a 90 minute session with a written plan for you to take away and practice.  If you do not feel confident enough to attend a yoga class this would be a good option to begin with to see if yoga is for you.

Yoga can help with anxiety, depression, sleep issues as well as physical aches, pains and stiffness.............................

Testimonials - I asked some of my students to write down how they felt about their yoga practice....................

"Jane is my medicine - she is the best yoga teacher on this planet!  I would not have got through the past 4 years without her and her fantastic yoga classes.

"This yoga class is a special sanctuary where I can totally relax.  If everyone came to yoga the world would be a better place. Jane is not only a fantastic teacher but a lovely person who really cares. Bless you and thank you Jane."

"Yoga is both invigorating and relaxing - but above all it's fun - thanks to Jane's excellent teaching!"

"You definitely feel better at the end of a session than when you began - stretched, calm and relaxed!"

"Life seems to flow more smoothly when you include a yoga practice in your week!"

"I find yoga relaxing and reviving and I enjoy the stretching and supple feeling that it brings"

"My health is better, my body is stronger and more flexible.  Most important of all my mind is so much more relaxed and calm.  In short, it has been life changing"

About Jane

A fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher with over 15 year's experience of teaching plus many year's of practising!  These classes are friendly, relaxed and fun.  My aim is simple - that you will feel better at the end of a class than at the beginning!!!